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Some people opt for weekends in paradise, but not us — we spend our free time away from the kids going to hardware stores & sawmill hopping. I’m the kind of gal who loves home improvement projects and hardware stores, so as a fun weekend getaway, Mr. C and I took a little road trip to Hartville, Ohio to check out America’s Largest Hardware Store – Hartville Hardware.

Hartville Hardware – America’s Largest Hardware Store

Hartville Hardware is a family-owned and -operated business that was started in 1947. For 74 years, they’ve been the largest independently owned hardware store of its kind with one goal: making customer service their top priority while providing an unforgettable experience for shoppers. With 305,000 square feet of selling space, this is a place that calls for good walking shoes. You will seriously get your steps in.

It’s such a big space that we lost each other several times, but that may have been by design. I tend to spend more time looking at kitchenware, paint swatches, & light fixtures while Mr. C gravitates towards anything Festool.

Hartville Hardware has all the usual departments that you’d find in a traditional hardware store, but they also have a drive-through lumber yard and an extensive selection of contractor supplies.

Hartville Hardware Idea House

If you don’t get immediately distracted by the power tools (Mr. C) or the Kitchen Aid Mixer Attachments (obviously me), one of the best parts of Hartville Hardware is their Idea House that’s located inside the store. As a child, I loved exploring all the kitchen setups at our local building supply center. This is an entire home & it’s brimming with ideas.

I also loved all the home exteriors that they have on display. We are currently in the process of redesigning the outside of our house and it’s always helpful to see things in person. While I have seen my fair share of homes with newer siding, it’s not really plausible to get out of the car and touch their vinyl siding. Know what I mean?

Chunky mantels, lovely built-in bookcases, sliding barn doors to hide the television – these are just some of the features that are showcased in the living room area of the Idea House. Just off the living room area is a small, but functional home office setup:

Isn’t this office absolutely lovely? If you’re handy, they’ll sell you lumber. If you need some help, they’ll sell you the cabinetry. It’s a win for all homeowners.

In the bedroom, they show different ways to add architectural interest to your walls using different wood techniques. We have a very large master bedroom and we’ll soon be adding shiplap in the sitting area. Stay tuned for that!

More Kitchen Ideas in Hartville Hardware

Most people shop for a couple of hours at a hardware store, but we truly did make a weekend out of it. Was it worth the more than 4-hour drive? Absolutely. Will we go back? Can’t wait.

Hartville Hardware is located at 1315 Edison St NW in Hartville, OH 44632. Located on the same property, you’ll also find Hartville Kitchen, the Shops at Hartville, and the Hartville Marketplace & Flea Market. We took some time to explore those places, too.

Enjoy some more photos of our trip to Hartville Hardware. Leave a comment & let me know if you’ve been there and what you liked about it!

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