simple pole barn plans

If your garage is overflowing with tools & bicycles and you need more space than a shed can offer, you may be considering the construction of a pole barn on your property.

A pole barn is a popular choice for many homeowners. They are an affordable option and can be constructed with minimal planning and very few steps. If you’re considering the construction of a pole barn, read on to learn more about pole barns:

What are Pole Barns?

Pole barn building is one of the most cost-effective ways to build a new outbuilding. Whether you need a tiny garage or an expansion area, pole barns employ innovative methods that use less material than traditional stick-frame structures. Because materials account for the majority of any structure’s price, pole barn construction may easily provide a discount over comparable stick-frame structures.

Pole barns can be used for a variety of purposes, and the design possibilities are endless! They may include horse stables or kennels; they may provide storage space for heavy equipment like tractors, four-wheelers, and snowmobiles; you could even use one as an extra garage to house all your classic cars!

Another innovative idea for a pole barn is for backyard recreation. Can you imagine the fun your family would have with year-round access to athletics in their very own backyard field house? A large pole barn is perfect for an indoor soccer field or basketball court on your property.

Pole Barns with Living Quarters

In addition to extra garage or workshop space, pole barns make an excellent option for additional living quarters. With a little extra effort, you can easily add insulation, drywall, and other amenities to make your pole barn into a comfortable home away from home.

Pole barns are an economical way to expand your home’s space, but there is one important thing to remember: because pole barns do not have exterior walls like traditional homes and buildings, you will need to maintain the structure regularly to prevent deterioration.

If you’re considering the construction of a pole barn, it’s important to remember that there are some limitations on the size and style of the building and you’ll need to check with local ordinances for information on building permits.

Pole Barn Plans

Are you more of a DIY type of person? From books to plans to kits, there are several options for cutting costs by doing some of the hard work yourself. One of the options is to purchase your own simple pole barn plans.

Steel Truss Pole Barns

Many homeowners opt to use Steel Trusses for their Pole Barn construction. Steel Trusses are stronger, go up more quickly, and last longer than wood frame pole barn trusses. Pre-welded purlin cups, predrilled bolt holes, and easy installation hardware come standard. Plus, the steel gives the structure a modern mix of wood and metal that Farmhouse Style lovers enjoy.


Have you seen this latest trend in backyard buildings? People are using pole barns for living quarters – a pole barn house is referred to as a “barndominium” in the construction industry. Barndominiums, unlike traditional foundation and stick-frame houses, are post-frame residences with the freedom and lower cost of pole constructions. I am absolutely amazed at the creativity shown on these amazing structures.

Pole barn homes are the pinnacle of practical design. The basic architecture of post-frame construction allows for low-cost, well-built houses that may be customized and expanded to meet the demands and tastes of its inhabitants. Here are some of the advantages of constructing a pole barn house.

Whatever you decide in the end, if you’re looking to have a pole barn built, we hope that this guide has helped you understand the process!

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  1. Thanks for explaining that pole barns use a lesser amount of materials than other stick-frame structures, and they allow countless possibilities for design. We need a bigger chicken coop since my dad plans to expand his egg-selling business, so we’re thinking of getting a new building for it built. A pole barn seems like a good option, so I’ll keep in mind to suggest it when we speak with a construction contractor.

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